Beauty Tip Tuesday – Benefits Of BB Cream

My latest obsession and one that is worth sharing is my new love for BB Creams. I hate to admit this since I am a makeup artist and probably should be ashamed, but to be honest I had no idea what a BB Cream was up until recently (hey we learn something new every day!) A BB cream is a great alternative for a foundation if you want to skip heavy coverage but still want some coverage and protection for your skin. Not only does it provide mild to medium makeup coverage, but a BB cream also contains SPF, anti-aging elements, primer, acts as a moisturizer and prevents blemishes and shine...phew...that's a lot in one! This one-stop-shop product is perfect for the everyday woman on the go and takes a minute to apply with a sponge, makeup brush or even your fingers. The photo below is a before and after of wearing BB cream.


My favorite and one that I have been using recently is DKM Cosmetics BB Cream in Medium 101 sold right in my stomping ground of Hoboken, NJ at Dina’s Kiss and Makeup Shop.


For those that live outside of Hoboken the below are great alternatives as well and will give you the same results. Enjoy! pic3


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