Beauty Tip Tuesday - Apply False Lashes Like A Pro

Curling and applying mascara to our lashes can be quite messy and painful. At the end of the whole process sometimes the lashes don't even look the way we intended them to.  An alternative to using thick/clumpy mascara is to apply false lashes. Falsies can be worn all day and you can even sleep with them without waking up with raccoon eyes. False lashes come in a variety of different textures, lengths and are super easy to use once you get the hang of it.  Below are my steps on how to apply false lashes for a Tammy Faye Baker free look! pic

  1. Pick up pair of false lashes at your local drugstore or makeup counter.  Remove one strip at a time from the box.  Hold the lash strip against your eyelid for good measure and trim down the sides, should they be too big.

pic1  pic2

2. To  avoid having the corners stick out like below, you will need to bend the lashes before gluing for a few seconds so that they stay in proper place and fit perfectly to the lash line.

pic3   pic4

3. Once measured and bent you're ready to apply the lash glue (which can also be purchased at your local drugstore). Gently squeeze a tiny amount by drawing a line onto the lash line as seen below. Shake them out and air them for about 10 seconds so that the glue is sticky and not wet before applying. This will avoid the lashes slipping off and also ruining your eye makeup.


4. When applying use the corners and place as close as possible into the groove of the lash line and then press across the eye to ensure the adhesive catches the lash line. Keep eyes closed for a few seconds and then slowly open.


5. Here is the finished product! Enjoy:)

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