Beauty Tip Tuesday -- A Kissable Cure to the Heat

While summer can certainly give us a beautiful bright glow it can also be damaging to our skin especially our smooch point - our lips! After all they do get the most action on our face so it’s important to keep them feeling and looking their best at all times. With that being said, exfoliating and moisturizing are imperative after a season of severe heat.  The lip scrub by Sara Happ comes in a variety of tasty flavors (brown sugar being my fave!) and removes dry flaky skin while leaving your lips as soft as ever. Below is an array of delectable lip scrubs and balms that you can try on your own for a kissable cure to heat stricken lips.

       How to use: 

1. Apply a dime size amount to the lips and massage in a firm circular motion for 30 seconds.

2. Wipe away with a damp tissue or cloth until the dead skin is gone.

3. Top off with the lip slip: one luxe balm which is a rich hydrator that can be worn day or night. And now you’re ready to pucker up at any given time :)

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Sara Happ

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