Beauty Tip -- Makeup For Acne Prone Skin

@latashaladawn asked -- What is the best full coverage makeup for acne prone skin?

There isn’t one particular makeup for acne prone skin. Before you worry about covering up breakouts try to get the situation under control. Make sure you have a good cleanser and toner. The combination of the two will clear up your skin and prevent future breakouts. I swear by Biore’s Ice Cleanser and Triple Action Astringent.

As for makeup when you want a little extra coverage not all the products need to be expensive. Invest in a good foundation and concealer. MAC cosmetics had a great powder foundation which I love and offers major coverage. Clinique also has some great foundations. Always remember to try things out and make sure to get your exact shade for best results.

If you’re breakouts continue pay your dermatologist a visit. The experts know best.

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