Beauty Review: Pür Mineral’s CC Cream

Pür Mineral’s CC Cream, Pür Mineral’s CC Cream review

There are so many different creams in the market – from BB, CC, and now DD – each having their own unique formulas and uses. A CC Cream that provides complete coverage while giving you that natural 'barely there' look is makeup gold. Pür Mineral’s CC Cream is just that treasure. The fluffy cream is light to the skin yet provides the necessary coverage to put on and walk right out the door with confidence.

A quick lesson on CC creams for those that are unfamiliar: This multitasking cream, slightly different from its predecessor, the BB cream, has similar benefits: it’s a foundation, sunblock, moisturizer, primer, and serum but unlike the BB is also geared to color correct discolorations. These creams are basically quick fixes to our tedious makeup routines.

Pür’s CC cream, is one of the best I’ve tried yet. Many CC’s and BB’s tend to be so light that they can only be used as a primer. At best you can combine the two for better coverage (hence the new DD cream that is meant to fix that problem). However, Pür’s gives you all the coverage and leaves your skin feeling hydrated while protecting your skin with an SPF 40. The whipped formula makes it feel as if nothing is there and even better allows your skin to have the color correcting finish without looking like you applied much if any makeup to your skin. I didn’t even need to use a powder or even concealer (though you can apply those if needed). My skin was left with a flawless finish that has me forgetting all about my thicker foundation for  the days you just want that slight touch of foundation.

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