Beauty Mark Organics Skin Care

Recently I was introduced to an organic skin care line, Beauty Mark Organics. The brand, whose ultimate mission is to provide customers with products that make users feel good from the inside out, has left me feeling clean and happy. Before I even started using the Rose and Cinnamon Body Polish by Beauty Mark, I was immediately struck by its strong scent. Aside from smelling absolutely sumptuous, it offered aromas of raw ingredients. By this I mean, the polish was very obviously contrived of real rose oil and cinnamon. Knowing that this brand was sticking true to its philosophy of caring about what goes into the product made its effectiveness all the more satisfying.

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The polish, which is partially made up of walnut shells, works wonders at removing dead skin, leaving you feeling silky smooth and fresh. Areas that I am particularly fond of using the polish on are my elbows and shoulders (it’s going to be a sleeveless summer!). Another Beauty Mark Organics product that has further proven the benefits of natural skin care is the Orange Cream Cleanser. This milky solution also boasts a strikingly pure scent, this time of a freshly peeled orange. The cleanser is ideal for cleaning my face at the end of a long, makeup-heavy day, as well as for shaving (attention males!) because it left my skin feeling velvety soft.

I highly recommend giving these products a try -- your skin will thank you, and your tree-hugging side will, too. The entire Beauty Mark Organics skin care line can be found on and includes these two products as well as other cleansers and body butters.