Beautifully Bronzed

Without question, everybody loves a good tan. Perhaps that’s what makes summer so fun… everyone has naturally sun-kissed skin that enhances their best features and makes the need for makeup slightly less. Inevitably, that natural bronze fades, and we find ourselves in the midst of our palest winter months. But, not to worry…I’ve discovered a cream bronzer that is ideal for giving your face a summer color boost, and you won’t risk sacrificing your health or feeling weighed down in the application process. High Noon Freshface Glow by Fresh is a winning liquid bronzer because its outcome isn’t drastic or fake. You can use High Noon independently as your sole foundation, or use it as a makeup primer to add touch of skin-kissed shimmer to your skin.


Although liquid, this bronzer is incredibly lightweight and still manages to mask all your imperfections. Since discovering the product, I have fallen in love. Without feeling guilty about going to the tanning salon, I can manage summer skin in the midst of December. And just as the product’s name boasts, I feel unbelievably fresh upon using it—a particularly rare trait for bronzers that typically weigh down your skin.