Beat the Back-to-Reality Blues


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If you started 2013 feeling a bit overwhelmed with school and work, you're not alone. Most of our young women reading this blog are either in college, working full-time or pursuing their degree while working full-time. (Props to our dedicated, focused and ambitious young women!). Add the cold weather to the equation and it doesn't quite get any better. Why not add a little pick-me-up this new year with our new favorite color - cobalt blue?

For an understated way to add color, tuck in a cobalt blue blouse under your all-black ensemble. Not only does the all-black ensemble give your body a slimming effect - the cobalt blue highlights the upper half of your body, emphasizing your favorite assets and drawing attention to the right places. We love how the model on the most left elegantly pairs an all-black short suit over her cobalt blue blouse for an understated but refined look.

If you're more of the daring type, you can uplift your mood with an all-cobalt blue suit. The second model on the far left proves that an all-cobalt blue suit can be anything but monotone. Break up the monotony with an embellishment for extra flair - we love how this model dons studded embellishments on the shoulder pads of the blue blazer. Top it off with a cobalt blue clutch, for extra drama!

Lastly, you can complement a cobalt blue piece with a print of your choice. The fourth model from the left dons a striped vest over a cobalt blue dress, to add personality and excitement to a rather conservative outfit. Accessories such as a sneaker wedge or a summer hat is all it takes to bring more playfulness to the outfit.