BB Cream Is Amazing & Here's Why

Lately there’s been a craze over BB Creams also known as Blemish Balms or Beauty Balms. The formula originated in Germany where dermatologist used it on patients after having laser surgery. (The formula has soothing and regenerating properties for the skin) BB Creams made their way to Asia where it became extremely popular by actresses in Asian dramas, who’s skin always looked flawless.

Many brands have picked up on the excitement and have created their own BB Creams.   The creams have a list of benefits that leaves no wonder to the imagination as to why they’re on everyone's ‘To Buy’ list.

  • Provides coverage the way a foundation would without feeling heavy.
  • Takes the place of a tinted moisturizer by covering up discoloration and blemishes.
  • Gives your skin a boost by making it softer and clear.
  • Allows you to create the ‘No Makeup Look’ without actually using makeup.
  • They offer levels of SPF protection depending on the brand.

Back in February Garnier released their own BB Cream and I have been overly pleased with it. The only downfall is the limited shades it's available in. Garnier offers Light and Medium. I have the medium one and it matches my skin tone perfectly. The cream is light, very moisturizing and smells SO good. When I don't need a lot of coverage I use it in place of my foundation and it gives the skin a boost. This is perfect for achieving that 'no make-up' look. I've had days where I'm a little red and applying this BB Cream makes the redness disappear.

There are more expensive BB Creams out there, but for only about $11 the Garnier BB Cream does wonders.