Bath and Body Goes Elegant with Kat Burki's Collection

We can’t all be queens but we can certainly feel and look like one thanks to Kat Burki’s body and bath products that bring royalty both in and out of the shower. The Freesia and Pink Grapefruit collection contains organic soap and body crème that leave you feeling clean and refreshed, not to mention elegant. This collection has such a romantic and light scent that can compliment you in just any season.

After all, when it comes to glamour, freshness and elegance are never out of style. And don’t get me started on the appearance of these products. They can sell themselves with their chic look!


Prepare to make any excuse to take a bath or shower. With the Kat Burki Freesia and Pink Grapegruit Organic Soap, it will instantly brighten your morning or soothe your evening. This citrus and elegant scent is gentle on your skin and effective in enhancing your day. Apply with a loofah or washcloth to get even closer to your skin. Larger than your palm, the Organic Soap comes in a cream color, instantly giving your bathroom a subtle makeover with this touch of luxury.

To complete your Kat Burki routine, apply The Freesia and Pink Grapefruit Body Crème after bathing or even before you settle in to bed. This lotion comes in a clear jar (available in both 2 oz. and 6 oz.) and is completed with a round lid in the color of eye-popping gold. What more do you need to want to wear this lotion? Forget about the jar and the scent because even the ingredients are worth fighting over too. The grapefruit helps boost  and nourish your skin with its anti-oxidants that works to invigorate your senses as well.

With just the appearance of these items, you’ll be making excuses for guests to come over because they look glamorous placed anywhere in your home. The best part? They actually make you feel glamorous everywhere too.