bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation Review

bare minerals, bareskin foundation review, bareskin pure brightening serum foundation When I first started getting into makeup BareMinerals was my first splurge. I purchased their starter kit which included a mineral foundation, bronzer and other products that enabled you to create your everyday look. Since then I've become addicted to liquid foundations and was so excited when I heard BareMinerals would be launching their first ever liquid foundation -- bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation.

After using the foundation for over week I'm going to predict right now that bareSkin is going to be a cult favorite soon enough. This foundation is a tone-corrector with a brightening serum in the formula as well. What you can expect from this foundation is great coverage with the lightweight feel BareMinerals is known for.

bare minerals, bareskin foundation review, bareskin pure brightening serum foundation

The bottle needs to be shaken before every application. The formula, you'll notice right away, is super light. When I first applied it I thought the coverage wouldn't be enough (I'm a full coverage kind of girl) but I was pleasantly surprised. The redness on my skin disappeared right before my eyes. Surprisingly enough although your looks skins great, it really does feels as though you have nothing on your face.

What's really cool about bareSkin is that you can control the type of coverage you want depending on how many drops you disperse. For full coverage BareMinerals recommends using up to six drops. I use way more than six drops on my entire face and love the coverage. I judge a foundation on how well it lasts throughout the day. My skin gets a bit oily, especially when the weather gets warmer, so the less touching up I have to do the more points a foundation wins with me. With bareSkin I did get a bit shiny in my t-zone by the evening time, but nothing more than the normal shine I experience. This will be a foundation you can count on to last you all day long. The foundation is also available in 20 different shades and offers an SPF of 20. My shade is the Bare Tan 13.
BareMinerals also created a brush, the Perfecting Face Brush, that accompanies the application of bareSkin. Do you need the brush for this foundation? No, but I will say I love how it works. The brush is designed so that drops of bareSkin can be dispersed right in the middle of the brush. You then buff the foundation onto our face using circular motions. The results are a natural, flawless finish.
bare minerals, bareskin foundation review, bareskin pure brightening serum foundation
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