Bailey's Vanilla Cinnamon Goes Glam

Last night will forever be remembered as the time I got the best hair blow-out ever. Bailey’s invited me to their Most Stylish Shot of the Night event to celebrate their new drink Vanilla Cinnamon at Dream Dry hair salon in NYC. I knew the night would be absolutely glamorous especially because Dream Dry is, celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe’s salon. Her taste is impeccable and Dream Dry reflected just that. The salon is a mixture of glamour and modernism. Chandeliers hang above us (even in the bathroom), beautifully polished wood floors, glistening glass everywhere. iPads hung on the walls displaying photos and every hair station had an iPad as well.

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Upon arrival there is an entire booth setup with a bartender ready to create a drink for you, using Bailey’s Vanilla Cinnamon of course. The first drink I tried was the Dulce de Leche martini and it quickly became my favorite. This martini is like a dessert you can drink – so delicious.

Next up after getting my drink was hair and makeup. After my shampoo I was treated with a scalp massage, which I’m adding in here because I couldn’t believe how attentive the staff at Dream Dry is and how luxurious they make the entire experience. My hair stylist gave me the most amazing blow out with lots of volume. At the makeup station I had my makeup touched up and added a bolder lip for the rest of the night.


At every station waiters offered us Bailey’s drinks, horderves and desserts. It’s safe to say I had the sweetest night ever. What made it even better was having my friend attend the party with me and have her treated to hair and makeup also. We had so much fun being silly at the glamor photo booth Bailey’s set up. Use the hashtag #glamourshot and #glambaileys to see all the photos from the night on Instagram & Twitter.

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The glitzy bags you see on the photo above were our party favors! Each bag contained a Dot by Marc Jacobs roller ball fragrance and a COVERGIRL lipstick. How cute are the Bailey's Vanilla Cinnamon bottles right next to them?!

Another delicious drink from the night was Bailey’s signature shot the Glamour Shot. So you can enjoy this as much as we did I want to share the ingredients – have fun making this at your own girl’s night out:

  • Bailey's Vanilla Cinnamon Irish Cream Liquor
  • Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps
  • Edible Gold Flakes

Keep with Baileys and all of their delicious drinks on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. They also posted photos throughout the event.

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