At Home Facial With DERMAFLASH

If you've every wanted take the spa with you I'm going to share the one device you should get. Did you know that it's ok for women to shave their face? It's the latest beauty, but actually something that is beneficial for you. It wasn't until I discovered DERMAFLASH that I decided to give this crazy ritual a try. What made me feel comfortable about DERMAFLASH is that it's actually an exfoliating system -- the key to glowing skin. Exfoliating is an important part of your skin care routine in order to having great looking skin. By exfoliating you remove dead skin from the surface -- revealing smoother skin that glows. You also help prevent future breakouts. dermaflash_inuse dermaflash_sephora

Dara Levy created DERMAFLASH because she wanted women to have younger more radiant looking skin all of the time. With this tool women can safely remove that peach fuzz we naturally have on our face. After trying it out for myself I can tell you that it really is safe and easy to use. I didn't realize how much fuzz was on my face, until I took a minute to remove it. Following the easy directions provided by DERMAFLASH I was left with super smooth skin.


Insert a new edge on your DERMAFLASH device and once it's on you'll feel a subtle sonic vibration. Work downwards on your face and never go over one area more than once. In 5 to 10 minutes you'll have brand new skin. After you're done apply the Smooth Hydrator all over. You can repeat this routine once a week.

The difference you see in your skin is immediate after using this product. From the texture to the appearance, my skin is glowing. Not only does this improve your skin's appearance, but it also helps your makeup look that much better. See it in action here:

DERMAFLASH is currently available to purchase at and will be in Sephora stores nationwide starting January 4th!