Arices LLC Sugar Body Scrub Review

Summer is synonymous with beaches, BBQ's, bikini shopping and vacations. It's also synonymous with heat waves, humidity and the need for sun protection. Taking care of one's skin can either take a backseat or can be made a first priority. Regardless of the weather, it's best to maintain your skin care routine throughout the year.  One way to ensure your skin looks its best throughout the Summer  is by exfoliating. Arices LLC, a company specializing in bath and beauty products, was established in 2013 offering exciting products like exfoliating coffee and sugar scrubs. I've been fortunate enough to sample their Spark Sugar Scrub, and loved everything their site had to say about it. The product states that the nourishing and soothing oils such as grape seed, sweet almond, argan and jojoba oils, work to moisturize your skin as you exfoliate in the shower. arices sugar scrub, summer skin care, beauty blogger, product reviews

Ingredients and directions on Arices Sugar Scrub.

After the heat wave hit the East coast this week, the last thing I wanted to do was to moisturize my skin. However, as I opened Arices's decorative plastic jar in the shower, the fragrant and earthy scent immediately caught my attention. The sugar scrub has somewhat of a thick layering of moisturizing oil on top. As per directions on the jar, I stirred the oil with the sugar scrub, grabbed a decent amount of product and applied it to my wet skin. Not only did I feel my skin being exfoliated, but the sugar scrub grains eventually melted against my skin, leaving a moisturizing feel on my skin. My skin was left so moisturized to the point that I didn't need to apply any moisturizer after my shower that night. The shine and softness of my skin lasted me throughout the early part of my morning as well!

A sneak peek inside the Arices Sugar Scrub - top layer consists of moisturizing oils for smooth skin.

After about a week of using this product (I had used it every other day - it's gentle enough to use a few times a week), I began to notice the softer side of my skin. It seems to work best when used at night - using the sugar scrub during the day might be too heavy and oily on your skin, especially in the summer heat. Additionally, the number of oils in the scrub allow you to lessen the amount of product used - you don't need much, as a spoonful may be just the right amount to use for your entire body. Overall, the Sparks Sugar body scrub is recommended for those with very dry, sensitive skin. Its moisturizing properties and healthy, natural oils are packed in a generous jar. For further information regarding the Sparks Sugar body scrub or Arices's additional products visit them at If you get a chance to purchase any of their products, SuperGlamNews would love to hear your thoughts!