Are Velvet and Velour Cool?

tracksuit, juicy couture tracksuit Heavy velvet material was very popular in the 1970s, with velour being more popular in the 1980s and 1990s in the form of tracksuits. Two major fashion houses, Juicy Couture and Zadig & Voltaire both have velour and velvet featuring heavily in their latest collections.

Juicy Couture (whose range of clothing is available at Harrods) has used velour in its current loungewear collection for women. Their ‘Original Tracksuit Pants’ and ‘Original Hooded Sweatshirt’ are a made from a comfortable, cotton velour ideal for relaxing weekends at home.

Juicy Couture’s loungewear range is available in several different colours from black to hot pink, and you can either team the pants with the hooded tops or just choose one of their ‘Juicy’ t-shirts to pair with the pants if you prefer. As ever, all of their designs feature the company’s logo which features dogs, a shield, hearts, ‘Love P&G’ and ‘Made in the Glamorous USA’.

Meanwhile, French company Zadig & Voltaire also sell tracksuit pants in velour, and fitted casual trousers from the same material. The skinny-fit trousers with zip pocket details are available in several colours, though in more muted tones than those available from Juicy Couture.

Zadig & Voltaire make more use of velvet, creating trouser suits and velvet jackets that look good teamed with casual trousers or jeans. Both companies were formed in 1997, albeit on different continents, and both are beloved by celebrities and style-conscious people everywhere because of their fresh designs.