Ardency Inn: Beauty Unplugged

Ardency Inn presentation slide On the cold, wintry night of Thursday, January 30th, Ardency Inn graciously hosted one of their first launches of their new makeup brand, at a very-local, low-key bar in Lower East Side, known as Fontana's Bar. Ardency Inn is a new makeup brand that has its roots in New York's downtown music scene. Ardency Inn's mission involves capturing the true beauty and essence that is downtown New York, representative of not only those in the beauty industry, but of all women as well. Perhaps what is most unique about Ardency Inn is its homage to the music industry, particularly the downtown New York music scene.

While at the event, a short introduction via a video clip informed us of the makeup brand's humble and creative beginnings. The two co-founders, Stephane Siboni and Gilles Kortzagadarian, were introduced by James Vincent, the head of the brand's Artistry and Education. Mr. Vincent discusses the manner in which female musicians embody the makeup brand's spirit, in discussing the makeup brand's three different collections: the Punker, Modster and Americana product lines.

Ardency Inn's co-founders, Stephane and Gilles, discussing the brand's inspiration.

Ardency Inn's Modster collection.

Punker products give life to the woman living on the edge, to the woman who isn't afraid to experiment and is inspired by the dark eyes and fierce attitudes of many punk rockers. Modster products include bright colors representative of the high-fashion culture of downtown New York. Lastly, the Americana collection drew its inspiration from the natural woman, the classic beauty and for the free-spirited woman who is downtown New York. Much of the Americana collection suits every skin tone and every color lipgloss, lipstick or eye color is applicable to almost every skin shade.

One of the more captivating aspects of this night's presentation included a discussion of the brand's advertisements. The brand's marketing include a non-conventional approach to beauty, through promoting women in music and supporting the all-natural look. Additionally, one look at their campaigns would have you guessing the product each advertisement is trying to sell - its seamlessness in advertisement forces consumers to think of the true mission of the brand - that of a beauty that is unplugged, fit for every woman and person.

Ardency Inn is now available at your closest Sephora store, as well as at