App Spotlight: The Hunt

I'm addicted to apps -- as I'm sure many of you are as well. A couple of weeks ago I was trying to get my hands on an item I had only seen in a photo. There was no mention of where this item could be purchased and after countless Google searches I was led to The Hunt. One-stop-shop-for-onlie-shopping-fashion-app-The-Hunt-to-do-it-for-you

The Hunt is a free app that helps you find practically anything you are having trouble locating. Simply upload a photo of what you want and the community from the app will post links of stores and websites where the item you're trying to get your hands is sold. The Hunt gives you the option to change-up the criteria in your search. You can select for community members to find the exact item or something similar. You can even select a price range of what you'd like to spend. Basically instead of going crazy searching for a product, you can now upload a photo and The Hunt users will help you out.

I love the idea behind this app and even more that it actually works. Having trouble finding something? Download The Hunt and give it a try -- it's FREE.