And The BEST Self-tanner is...

I woke up today feeling a little bit on the pale side and one word came to mind...Beautisol. I have been using the self-tanner, Beautisol for a couple of weeks now and it’s THE best one.

I’m a big fan of bronzers and self-tanners, but the problem is that they usually smell horrible. Beautisol has eliminated the odor issue and when you apply this bronzer it smells delicious. Beautisol is also the first self-tanner that has created a face tanner specifically for your skin type. They offer one for normal to dry, sensitive skin and also for normal to oily skin.

Beautisol instantly bronzers, is easy to apply and leaves no streaks on your body. This is the ultimate self-tanner and I’m hooked.

*Use gloves to apply the self-tanner and if you don’t remember to wash them immediately after application.