Achieve Lush Lips With This Scrub...



Hi guys! This is going to be a quick review on my favorite lip scrub ever. In my opinion, there really isn't anything that looks worse than dry and flaky lips. As we all know, what you put on your lips has the ability to brighten your whole face, but in order for your lips to look as amazing as possible you need to prep them first! It's much like washing your face in the morning before you put on your base; think of lip scrub as a cleanser or exfoliator for your pout. That being said, this lip scrub is divine. I mean, absolutely delicious. It smells (and tastes) amazing, like a peppermint patty or mint chocolate chip ice cream. Sounds lovely, don't you think? Besides the smell and taste, this lip scrub is incredibly effective. Just take a little scoop on your finger and massage it into your lips just like you would massage your face when you cleanse. It's made with real peppermint and sweet castor sugar, and it leaves your lips soft and luscious. So simple, so good. 

Do you guys have a favorite lip scrub?! Have you ever tried this one? Let me know. :) Follow me @kayweeefaz