Accessories To Compliment Your Makeup in 2014

Trendy-Accessories, jewelry, accessories, fashion, style, fashion blog It goes without saying that if your makeup is very bold and defined, your accessories should be enough to add only some contrasting glamour. For this winter season, the eye makeup is very chic-vintage and the lip colors are pink and pouty.

The prediction for accessories on runways is ‘subtle yet glamorous’. Do not feel afraid to add a bit of sparkle to your winter look with some stunning bejeweled accessories but do not overdo them. Some accessories to complement your makeup in 2014 include:

Glitzy Hair Accessories

While you are all wrapped up in furry coats and warm scarves, it's a good idea to glam up with some statement hair accessories. They will endorse a fun winter look if you accessorize with only a glamorous hair accessory and nothing else – maybe you can wear a pair of plain ear studs with it.

There are various kinds of hair accessories but the glittery, bejeweled hair pins that are big enough to cover a good part of your head are making a statement. These hair clips or pins are very reminiscent of the 1920s Daisy Buchanan fashion, and they will add a very vintage highlight to your glam makeup.

Colored Gemstones

Gone are the days when the ladies hyperventilated over colorless diamonds solitaires: this is the era of colored gemstones. With a smoky eye makeup or accentuated bold eyeliner, the best accessory will be a pair of colored diamond earrings (or a delicate colored diamond pendant) that will help in adding just the right amount of color.

The designs at Front Jewelers also show that diamonds available in different colors can jazz up any makeup look as well as complement most outfits (both formal and informal).

Funky Scarves

The season beckons you to wrap a scarf around your neck at all times, and while you are at it, make sure the scarf is fashion forward. The funky scarves trend ranges from dressy bow-shaped scarves to knitted neutral tone scarves.

An aptly chosen scarf will bring out any makeup look and make it look great. The way you tie your scarf around your neck also matters; a half bow cinch, a neck rosette, or a muffler scarf will look best with your winter look. Match and contrast the color of your scarf with the makeup colors for a fine finish.

Knuckle Rings

To add a bohemian chic look to your winter makeup you can add a couple of knuckle rings to your accessory box. Not only are they a subtle accessory with a big impact, they also add a very effortless style to your ensemble.

Depending on your overall look and personal taste, you can choose between plain silver or gold knuckle rings and bigger studded or chained ones. Knuckle rings are fun to wear, but make sure not to go overboard and wear too many. A delicate bracelet or a watch will look best with these rings.

Even though the makeup for 2014 is faint and classy, you can always wear a plum or red pout to an evening out. Remember to accessorize well and add a hint of sparkle every time you step out in the dreary winter season.