A Weekend of Firsts

This weekend was full of new experiences. For some reason I had the idea in me that I needed to try new things all weekend long. Friday night my boyfriend and I had Hibachi for dinner. So fun to try on a date night. On Saturday night we tried a new fondue place (I love fondue). For this night I had a whole vampy look going on that I didn't get to photograph. I'll have to create another vampy look to shoot. photo 1

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On Sunday is where the most fun happened. We headed to Applewood Orchards in Warwick, NY for some apple picking. This place was in the middle of no where. Although there are closer apple picking places by me I had such fond memories of this place in particular, from going years ago, that I knew no others would compare.


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Upon arrival it was so packed that we were told to try back a little later. After driving for two hours we were disappointed, but ended up visiting an Alpaca farm we spotted within walking distance of Applewood Orchards. Alpacas look just like llamas expect much cuter and they have a softer fur. These animals are so adorable I wanted to take one home.


IMG_3455 IMG_3453

After the Alpaca farm we headed back toward the apple picking spot. A tractor gave us a ride into the apple picking patch, which is huge. You could get lost if left alone out there. Applewood Orchards also has a winery and we got the chance to do attend a wine tasting for the first time. My favorite wine was a sweet one called Ruby's Kiss.

IMG_3458 IMG_3459 IMG_3470 IMG_3491

One of my memories from the orchard were their homemade donuts. Unfortunately they are so popular that we didn't get to buy any that day. If you plan on going apple picking at this particular spot -- go early and buy the donuts! You won't regret it. All in all it was a fun day that I'm happy I got to share with friends. Even if it's just one day, plan an activity you've never tried and go for it. The memories made are worth it.


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