A Little Glitter Goes a Long Way

For days when you’re feeling a bit drab on the inside, you can always count on some glitter to boost your mood. The thing about glitter is that when used in appropriate amounts, it can be used in a variety of ways. I recently purchased Bare Minerals Brand eye color in true gold. Set in the form of a traditional loose powder eye shadow, this stuff works wonders when it comes to adding a little sparkle to your ordinary makeup routine.

For glamorous nights out when you are looking to create statement eye makeup, apply the powder thickly. The shadow will form well to your skin and appear bold and bright, disguising your application skills as those of a professional.

When you’re in need of something slightly subtler, use the glitter as a shadow topcoat. Start by applying your normal shadow color of choice, and then, using only a pinch of the Bare Minerals, lightly sweep the sparkly powder across your eyelid. Your shadow won’t appear too gold, but the glitter will help you glisten in the light, and people’s heads will be turning all night long.

Another way to use this glitter “shadow” is to enhance your cheekbones. Once you’ve applied both your foundation and blush, use your finger to rub a small amount of glitter just along the ends of your cheekbones, where they reach their peak height and begin to mesh with your temples.

By using just a tad bit of glitter, you can truly spice up your makeup routine and be guaranteed a night in which you will shine. Literally.