A Hair Curling Revolution: Curlformers

curlformers closeup Anything that guarantees nice healthy bouncy curls without heat, sounds like a false advertisement. How could it be possible to get defined curls without a curling iron or some form of heat-based hair tool? Simple, with Curlformers.

Curlformers is the new beauty styling accessory that allows you to curl you hair (no matter what type of hair you have) without using a bit of heat. That’s right you can avoid potential heat damage and get beautiful curls. The most heat you would use is a hair dryer but you can even skip that step and just let your hair dry with the curlformers overnight.

Two things to look out for

  1. The curlformers are a little tricky to get the hang of and can potentially not only be put in incorrectly but can get tangled and knotted into your hair with the tool they provide to pull your hair through the curlformers.
  2. They’re not the most comfortable to sleep in, if you do decide not to dry your hair under a dryer.

I recommend watching the curlformer step-by-step guide from their website.

If you still have trouble with the curlformers I found that twisting your hair at the roots about an inch down and then hooking the styling hook inside of the curlformer to your hair (not too close to the roots) makes it easier to slide the curlformer up your hair allowing it to go into the culformer perfectly.

Once you do get a hang of how to put the curlformers in your hair and can bear through the uncomfortable sleep for the night, you will have big healthy bouncy curls that will last for days.