A Beauty Babe's Guide to Surving Power Outages

If you are like me, power outages seem to get to the best of you. Twice within two months, the Garden State has seen outages lasting more than three days. Compromising your nerves, health, and physical appearance, it's hard to look good when your literally in the dark. However, fear the powerless days no longer as this beauty babe's emergency beauty kit will keep you looking sharp even if you gone days without electric! Dry Shampoo

Just because you don't have electric does not mean that you have to go days without washing your hair. With dry shampoo, you can get that quick fix in under five minutes. Tresemme Fresh Start Waterless Foam Shampoo is not only great at combating oily hair but is also inexpensive as it costs $5. Although this product won't give you 'freshly washed hair' it will be sure to last you in between shampoos.

Solid Perfumes

Sure you can use your favorite fragrance to keep you smelling fresh and clean, but who wants to carry around a big perfume bottle all day. Solid perfumes are no doubt cheaper and just as affective. Unlike sprayable perfumes, solid perfumes come in a small jar that can easily fit in your purse or makeup bag, making it great for travel or for the girl on-the-go. Solid perfumes are also ideal for those suffering from allergies as most of these products are alcohol free. Just simply rub some of the wax like substance on your wrists and neck( a little bit always goes a long way). Retailer L'Occitane makes a fantastic solid perfume for $10 in a rose scent. The scent is great for freshening up but is never overpowering.

Waterless Facial Cleanser

It may seem that your skin seems to suffer in times like power outages due to stress and lack of warm water, but waterless facial cleansers are a great alternative. Instead of washing your face in freezing cold water, waterless cleansers have a gel like consistency that clean your face without the sticky residue. PurMinerals Mineral Quick Clean Waterless Cleanser for $16 is great example of a waterless cleanser. This lightweight product not only cleans your face but it also works as a makeup remover, giving your face the deep clean that it deserves. Made with natural ingredients like vera soy protein and shea butter, this cleanser is never harsh on your skin which is perfect for those with sensitive skin!

Portable Makeup Remover Wipes

Although it might seem easier just to go makeup free when your without power, makeup gives some women the extra boost of confidence that they need. If you are like me and can't live a day without your 'war paint' then it might be time to invest in some portable makeup remover wipes. Perfect for travel and your powerless days, Sephora's Express Cleansing Wipes make a great buy. Made without parabens, sulfates, or synthetic dyes, these wipes cost $9.

Waterless Tooth Brush

A waterless tooth-brush sounds too good to be true, but the minds at Colgate bring you Wisp portable mini-toothbrushes. Great for those moments when you are without water, these tooth brushes come in flavors like peppermint, giving your mouth a just-washed feeling.

What's in your emergency beauty kit?