6 Ways to Make Your Makeup Brighter for Summer

You wish to keep the pace with the new trends? Here’s one for you: bright eyes. This new trend is considered to be the hottest regarding makeup in this season. The majority of the well-known makeup artists are experimenting with vibrant shades, but naturally they have their tricks that they prefer not to share with the wide public. The advantage of the new trend is that it is really versatile and it can spice up just any look in just a few minutes. For a true fashionista it isn’t enough to change the wardrobe according to the trends, but also the makeup kit. If you would truly like to be different from all the other people, don’t be afraid to make a stand and use colors that draw the attention of the others upon you.

1. Make the most of the shape of your eyes

One of the best things about the new fashion is that it is suitable for the majority of the skin tones and also for the majority of the eye shapes. The bright eyes makeup also includes the metallic colors, along with purple and lavender.

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2. Use metallic glamour

If you like applying metallic colors, for sure you will be inspired by the collections of Jason Wu and Derek Lam. They have come up with a coral eye trend that seems to be the hottest in the industry. The main focus of the trend is to achieve the perfectly defined and lined eyes. Choose the design that is suitable for your eye shape and opt for the uniform tinting.

3. Fabulous lavender notes

You might not be the metallic eye shade kind of girl, but you could enjoy the lavender shades. This color has been the star of the latest show of Etro. The advantage of the color is double: it offers glamour to the wearer and in the same time it offers a lot of possibilities regarding the design.

4. From purple to honeysuckle

Hazel eyed girls shouldn’t be thinking about what color to choose. Opt for purple and you can be sure that you can’t go wrong. This color is also suitable for the girls with green or blue eyes. The coral and honeysuckle shades could also work out just fine and maybe you will achieve the same flirty look as Narciso Rodriguez.

5. Lighter nuances for lighter look

The brightness of these colors will help you achieve the desired look for both the day and night. If standing out in a crowd isn’t really your thing, you could also go for the paler shades that don’t bring that much attention. Regarding the rest of the makeup, you should keep it simple, with a bit of blush and a lipstick that has a color close to your natural color.

6. Luscious hues for summer nights

The bolder colors are more suitable for the evening. These are more difficult to pull off, but you can do it by keeping the rest of the makeup simple and also opt for a lipstick with a natural color. If you don’t mind going bold, you might match your bright eye makeup with hot pink, fire-red or orange-red lipsticks, which are really trendy this season.

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