6 Relaxation Techniques For A Weekend At Home

After a hectic workweek, sometimes your plans for the weekend never get past the “slow down and sleep in” stage. While your friends are planning which shows they’ll see or what events to attend at night, you’re thinking about catching up on reading, or maybe finding a new series on Netflix. Sleeping in might be all you need to start the next week refreshed, but if you want to truly make the most of your days off, we put together a few ideas to turn your weekend respite into a mini-vacation.


Wear comfortable Clothes and Slippers:

During the week, what you wear is often dictated by where you’re working, and even the best business clothes can start to feel uncomfortable and constricting. But, now it’s the weekend so you can wear what you want. Find what you love wearing, from a sweater and jeans, or a thick robe, and revel in it.

Ditch the heels or sneakers and slip into a supportive pair of slippers instead. Flat-footed house slippers might look cute, but can lead to sore feet on Sunday night. As a bonus, the added padding will give you some added warmth during the cold winter months.

Music Therapy:

Listening to soft music is an excellent relaxation technique. Tune into your favorite radio station, or build your own online and have the songs play in the background of whatever else you’re doing. Instrumental music is ideal, since you won’t have to worry about getting distracted by lyrics. These songs should be the soundtrack to your day, not a karaoke playlist.

Relaxing Bath:

Showers might be the most efficient way to get ready for the day, but why stand on your feet when you don’t have to? Once you’ve settled on your tunes, it’s time to start pampering your body after a hectic week. Why not listen to the music while relaxing in a warm bath? Add some scented oil to the water, or turn it into a bubble bath and let your mind drifts as the heat takes care of that tension in your back.

Eye Relaxation:

Resting your eyes is a must during weekends. Whether you’re staring at computer screens all day or dealing with harsh artificial lighting, treat your eyes to a break by putting two cold slices of cucumber over them while you’re in the back. This will help deal with the inflammation and puffiness that can build up over a hard week. They also will help ensure that your eyes are closed, helping you to lose yourself in the music.

Do Things You Love:

Relaxation can be found in doing simple things that you love. It might be reading a book, watching an old movie, cooking a favorite recipe or talking with a dear friend. Maybe you want that karaoke playlist after all, belting out guilty pleasures as you dance around the house.

If you had a favorite hobby, the weekend is a great time to try and pick it up again. Dig out those painting supplies, or dust off that great novel idea and get the creative juices flowing. While this means you might have to end that bath a little early, doing something you love never feels like work.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

Invite some friends or family over to your place for a pool game or just for some fun time together. Spending time with people you care about is excellent therapy. It relaxes our mind and when we’re comfortable around others the stress we build up being around strangers will melt away.

Jane Austen said, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” With a little preparation, you can turn your days off into a mini-vacation. Come Monday, you’ll find yourself refreshed and ready to take on the world.


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