5 Tips For Staying Motivated at The Gym

I recently started going to the gym and have never felt better (physically and mentally). I used to always tell myself that I needed to start exercising and lost motivation almost as quickly as the idea popped in my head. I’m so proud to say that I’ve stuck to my goal and have continuously been going to the gym -- pushing myself harder every time I go.

Here are the five things that have kept me going:


Now what girl doesn’t love shopping?! I love having the perfect outfit for every occasion and I discovered that the gym is no different. In the past I would wear oversized shirts that just weren’t cute at all. By wearing cute outfits I had a reason to instantly be excited for the gym. So I did a little shopping for a work out wardrobe that was more my style like:

  • Bright tanks in colors like pink, yellow and other neons
  • Comfortable sports bras and even some with animal print ;)
  • Off the shoulder and cropped tops.


I have the iPhone 4 and absolutely love the Pandora music app for working out. Sometimes I get so into the songs that I forget how long I’ve been running for. The best is when I almost start dancing on the lol. Lately my favorite station has been Pitbull Radio.


Not knowing exactly what workout to do and how to do it can hinder your experience. I found a bunch of apps that showed me exactly how to work out specific parts of my body and keep track of my progress. For abs I use (Ab Workout) which is FREE. The app allows me to follow along and do different exercises for abs and let me tell you -- they work!


I am hooked on watching my favorite beauty YouTubers. So instead of watching the videos at home I take my iPhone on the elliptical with me and watch a couple of them while I work out. By the time I'm done watching the videos I've completed a couple of miles with no problem. With my focus being on the videos instead of how long I'm working out for, time literally flies by. Here are three of the ladies I love to watch:


Make the gym an event. Add it to your calendar and plan the days and time you’re going to work out in advanced. This helps me tremendously so that I can balance everything else I do and know which day I’m going to rest. It feels great to achieve the goals you set for yourself every week!

Any other tips you guys can share with me on working out, fitness and health please leave in the comments or tweet me @SuperGlamNews. I've become completely obsessed with fitness and want to learn more!