5 Skin Care Myths You Can Forget About

When the sun isn’t out you don’t need any sunscreen:

Just because you don’t feel the sun or it’s cold out -- doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Uv radiation still reaches the earth’s surface even on a cloudy day. Skipping sunscreen is a bad idea.

Expensive skin care products work best:

Not! The truth is both expensive and more affordable products have similar ingredients and work in the same way. The real difference is (1) the packaging of the product. A fancier package, bottle or tube will cost more to make and distribute. And (2) where the product is sold makes a huge difference. Department stores sell more expensive items while your local drugstore will carry the more affordable stuff.

Washing your face frequently will help avoid acne:

Breakouts are caused for several reasons. It can be genetic, stress or hormones. Washing your face several times a day will not relieve you from acne. Truthfully you only need to wash your face once a day and that should be at night. In the morning you can splash some water on your face and apply moisturizer. So you can skin all the extra washing.

Using a collection of products will ensure you perfect looking skin:

Having a simple skin care routine is best. Stick to a cleanser that works for you, a moisturizer with SPF and a weekly exfoliator. You don’t need a ton of products to keep your skin looking great. Simple is better.

Spending time in the sun or a tanning bed will get rid of pimples:

Yes, the sun does dry up acne and make sure skin look better, but not for long. Days later redness can occur and in the long run your skin will appear leathery.