5 Fascinating Things to Try Out This Year!

As January rapidly comes to an end, we find ourselves returning to our daily routines. I find that many people are comfortable maintaining a set schedule every single day. I get it, you want to stay on track while making sure important tasks are completed. This concept may work for you, however the problem with doing the same exact thing every  day is predictability. You become predictable! Who wants to think of themselves as predictable? I know I don't! I would like to think that I took advantage of all the greatness this life has to offer, and you should too! There is one life to live. I want to look back at my life and remember all the glorious adventures I took as opposed to the ones I never did. Now is the time to start. With that being said here are some ideas worth trying out this year.



Look at those legs! If Salsa can transform my legs like that then count me in! The Salsa dance is so amazingly mesmerizing. The connection your body has with the music is not only fascinating it's rewarding. Find out where your closes Salsa classes are being held and sign up. This is a fun activity to do with friends, family or even by yourself!



We all remember Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the movie Ghost right? Who knew pottery can be so sensual and fun. Why not get your hands dirty and try out a pottery class. Who knows it might turn out to be your favorite new hobby.



Taking a road trip should definitely be on everyone's bucket list. This is a simple quick adventure to plan. All you need is a few friends, food,water, your favorite pair of sunglasses and fantastic riding music. It's a great opportunity to check out beautiful scenery while creating life long memories with friends.



Have you ever wanted to pick up a new language or brush up on your native one? Well now is the time to do it! It's incredible how fulfilling it is to understand and speak another language. Being multilingual has countless advantages!



Fascinating right? Seriously how many times have we avoided doing this? No more! Being able to meet new people who share your same interest is just one of the many highlights this world has to offer. Lets come out of our shells and introduce ourselves to people this year. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This is your time! Don't let it pass you by!