5 Classic Essie Polishes

Essie has over two hundred nail polishes and is still adding to the collection every season. However, no matter how brilliant a color or how trendy it is, it’s hard to forget the classics. The reason that some colors become a classic while others don’t is because they have staying power as well as versatility. They always look fashionable and can be used to create pretty much any sort of nail art design that you have in mind. In addition to this many if not most women who follow the brand know each and every one of them by name and can pick them out of a lineup fairly easily. Here are my favorite five classic Essie polishes.


You’ll be hard pressed to find a girl who hasn’t tried Marshmallow on at least once. Amongst my friends, it was one of the first colors that we tried when we first started getting our nails done years ago. Due to the fact that this color is often used to do a traditional French manicure it is known to be one of the most popular colors on the line

Ballet Slippers

If you prefer a more neutral color or one that is sheer then Ballet Slipper is for you. A favorite of many polish lovers this award-winning pink polish is one of Essie’s top sellers. The sheerness of the color makes it great for combining it with other colors. In fact I like to layer it over one coat of Fiji  for a more toned down look, but we’ll get to that color in a minute.

A List

Another award-winning color but this time in a stunning shade of red. There’s no other way to describe A List but to say that it’s sexy, sophisticated, mysterious and demure all in one. It looks great the hands as well as the toes and looks good with any outfit and on any skin tone. There really is no wrong way to wear it.


Many women like to paint their nails with Fiji before going on vacation because it’s such a deliciously vibrant shade of pink. However, applying Fiji isn’t just for your time to have fun under the sun. It’s a color that is mostly worn in warmer climates but has the power to brighten up even the dreariest of days so be sure to apply it when you need a bit of cheering up.


Although it almost looks black in the bottle, Wicked is actually a very, very deep shade of burgundy. It’s a classic color that looks good on any skin tone and can go from punk to dressy depending on your mood and personal style. If you want to give it a new twist try using Wicked to do a moon manicure.

Whether they’re amongst your favorites or not, chances are that you’ve seen and tried out at least one of these classic colors by Essie. Hopefully your favorite brings back some great memories as well.

This post was written by Aleya who is the owner of Spontaneous Chick where you can find nail polish reviews as well as  fashion tips and beauty product reviews. Thank you Super Glam News for allowing to send a guest post for your readers to read.