3 Ways To Look Instantly Slimmer

It's about that time of year when start making resolutions for a healthier lifestyle and slimmer physique. But what about the days where you need to look slimmer -- immediately? I have three tips for things you can right now that will help you feel amazing and look even better. You can try 1 of my tricks or all three (I've definitely done all three at once).

One of my biggest tips for looking instantly slimmer is by wearing shape wear. Leonisa.com has a huge variety of options when it comes to shape wear so that no matter what you needs are, you guaranteed to find what you're looking for on their website. Here are the 3 styles I own from Leonisa and I got them each in a size small:

High Waist Bodysuit Tummy Shaper

Slimming Braless Body Shaper Boyshort 

Smooth Invisible Waist Cincher 

The shape wear ran true to size and fit super comfortable. I chose to get mine in nude shades but you can opt for a different color shape wear if you don't want to go with nude. Check out the video to see which styles are my favorite to wear and learn what other tips you can do today in order to look slimmer instantly.

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