10 Tips for the Fashion Aficionado

Photo Courtesy: en.paperblog.com We've all heard it. "Don't mix two of the same fabrics in one outfit".  "Never wear white after labor day".  "Polka dots are out of season". When it comes to the do's and don'ts of style and fashion, it's suffice to say that there shouldn't be any. Reason being - personal style is exactly what it is - personal. An expression of the self, an art form (to some) and a reflection of culture, style is one thing that is inherent, yet ever changing. In the spirit of this thought process, what I found to be most helpful is providing "tips" for the fashion aficionado. Non-intrusive to your personal style and taste, the tips below are meant to guide rather than dictate.

1) Need a quick style fix for a mishap at the office or class? A hot glue gun ($5 at your local craft store) works wonders for hemming pants, skirts as well as jeans.

2) Not sure what to do with your grey, black, navy blue or white crew necks? Pair with dressy bottoms (maxi skirts, silk pants or sequined skirts) for a more contemporary look.

3) Wear nude colored pumps to elongate legs. Dark colored pumps give the illusion of shorter legs.

4) Sporting an athletic vest for the Winter to Spring transition? Cinch at the waist with a skinny belt for a more chic look.

5) The most important thing about shopping for a coat, blazer or jacket? Making sure it fits well against your shoulders. Your tailor can alter just about anything on a jacket - anything except the shoulders.

6) Revamp an old blazer or collared shirt by asking your tailor to switch the buttons and add a leather piece to the lapel.

7) Sometimes those clip-on earrings have the most unique styles, if only they didn't pinch your ears so much. You can still make use of them by using them as a brooch, by making rings out of them or by clipping them to your favorite shirt, top or blazer.

8) Have a pair of heels that you need to break in overnight? Fill two ziplock bags of water, stuff the ziplock bags into your shoes and leave them in the freezer overnight. As the water expands, so will your shoe.

9) Instead of purchasing a plastic bin for your shoes, purchase a vintage trunk that can double as your home decor and shoe storage. No one needs to know!

10) For the effortless, relaxed look - while rolling up your cuffed sleeves, keep the top button (the gauntlet) unbuttoned while you roll up.

While this list is non-exhaustive, this is a compilation of some of the best advice I have been given regarding style tips and tricks. All comments and additional tips are welcome! Don't be shy - go ahead and let me know your own tips on Facebook!