10 Steps to Correctly Washing Hair

Believe it or not, hair washing requires more attention than one might think. It's important to think carefully about the shampoo/conditioner you choose, and the steps you take to creating clean, smooth hair.

Pretty female standing back and washing her long hair

1. Start by completely rinsing your hair. Every strand should be wet, and this should take about a minute to do. The water should neither be burning hot nor freezing cold.

2. Squeeze a quarter-sized portion of shampoo into the palm of your hand (you shouldn't need more than that!). Gently massage the shampoo into and around your scalp, but try to avoid mounting your hair on the top of your head while doing so, as that can result in knots.

3.Next, throughly rinse your hair, removing all suds. Make sure your hair has no traces of shampoo left... if there are, you run the risk of having visible grease.

4. If you feel your hair was particularly dirty, you can repeat the shampooing process.


5. Immediately after shampooing, while your hair is still wet, use a flat comb to comb out any tangles. You should be left with smooth, wet strands of hair.



6. Using your fingers, run another quarter-sized dollop of conditioner through your wet hair. Make sure the conditioner is evenly distributed.

7. Now it is very important to let the conditioner set for one minute. If you are in the the shower, try using a shower cap to cover your hair.

8. Next, rinse your hair of the conditioner completely. Check to make sure it's all out, in an effort to avoid the possibly of grease once more.

9. To ensure shine, you should end your wash with a 30 second blast of ice cold water. I do this at the end of every shower; not only does it result in brilliant hair shine, but it has a positive effect on my skin as well.

10. When it comes to drying, I find that towel drying trumps blow drying, but then again, to each is own. If you do choose to towel dry, be sure to do so by gently patting and scrunching your hair. If blow-drying is your preference, be careful to avoid using super hot air, as this can cause significant hair breakage.