10 Apps For Photo Editing

Whenever I post photos on Instagram I get a ton of questions about which apps I use to edit them. I decided to make a video and show you the apps as I use as well as what they each do. At the bottom of this post I also posted short descriptions of the apps as well their price. Check it out and don't forget to subscribe to my channel The 10 apps I speak about in the video are the following (in the order they're mentioned):

Diptic- .99

With Diptic you can create collages, add background, textures and customize the layout. As you'll see in the video I mostly use it to create the mirrored effect for my photos. You can save the collages you make or share them directly to you Facebook or Instagram account. There is also a free version of the app available on iTunes.

Bokehful- .99

This app allows you to add fun light shapes like stars and hearts. You can select a color scheme you like and place the shapes anywhere on the photo.

Bokehflex- .99

This app is very similar to Bokehful. It allows you to add fun shapes, but instead of adding them indivually, the app provides a cluster of the shape. This one gives you a ton more options like music notes, cherries, paw prints and more. You can also change the filter of photos.

moreBeaute2- Free

If you've ever seen photos on Instagram that are completely flawless, chances are the app moreBeaute2 was used on it. With the press of a button your photos are transformed and look more beautiful than ever. Will make you look perfectly photo shopped.

Picfx- $1.99

Picfx brings many folder with different filters for photos. The most popular folder is the 'Lights' folder. There you can find light effects to add onto your photos.

Over- Free

With Over you can add text to your photos. The text's font, color and shape can be customized. There's a lot to choose from in the free version, and you can also purchase more fonts when you get tired of the ones provided.

Pic Collage - Free

The name of this apps says it all. It's the simplest way of creating collages. The app lets you add different backgrounds and keep multiple collages on file.

LensLight- $1.99

This one is similar to Picfx. It allows you to add light effects to your photos. The two app have different effects to choose from, but since they both cost the same I wouldn't suggest purchasing them both since they are so similar.

Fisheye- Free

To take photos with the fisheye effect all you'll need is this app. The photo must be taken with the camera in order to have the effect. It's not a filter you can to photos that have already been taken without the app.

Kaleido Lens- Free

As a kid I used to love playing with kaleidoscopes. This apps allows you to add that same effect to any of your photos.